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The STX Duel III lacrosse head has been crafted for the face off, stay on midfielder.  Thanks to a perfect mix of twistability and shape retention the Duel 3 is sure to be your new favorite face-off flavor.  

Face-off expert Joe Nardella uses the Duel III to dominate the X for the Whipsnakes and the face-off stay-on capability of the Duel III allowed him to lead the league in points for face off men.  Joe loved the Duel 3 so much he took it on tour with the STX ice cream truck.  Check out the video below to watch more of Joe's adventures!

Duel 3 combines the best of the OG STX Duel head with unbeatable warp resistance and durability.   Reflex™ technology means Duel 3 will twist and then snap back to shape and allow you to stay on the field after your face-off win.