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LOC-Throat eliminates shaft rattle and adds ultimate stability.  I am sure you have all had the problem of your head rattling on your shaft, which can cause instability in your throws and cradling.  There are a couple solutions that have been invented in the past couple years to attempt to fix this issue, but the new Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Head with LOC-Throat technology eliminates the need to put tape under your head near the throat.

With a mid-high sidewall design this head is made for a higher pocket for increased shot power and quicker release.  Warrior Sym-Rail technology eliminates excess weight and provides maximum stiffness all while making stringing easier for you!  This new head is engineered for maximum power, stability, and versatility giving you the edge on both sides of the field!

If you are looking for a new head, the Warrior Regulator Head will exceed all of your expectations and help take you to the next level in your game!

NCAA and NFHS Legal