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With their 25 years of industry expertise in pocket designs, Warrior/Brine continues their game changing line with countless hours of research and input from the best lacrosse athletes in the world. For the 2018 season, Warrior/Brine has brought out the Warp Pro Strung Lacrosse Head. Each Warp Pro pocket is tailored specifically for its respective head.

Introducing the first Women's Warp, the Brine Dynasty Warp Pro Women's Complete Stick, adding Warrior's revolutionary Warp pocket technology to one of the most trusted heads in women's lacrosse.

Built for the elite player looking for more consistency in their game, the Dynasty Warp provides a great weight-to-power ratio that improves shooting and catching. The Warp pocket creates a consistent channel and ideal pocket for the Dynasty head that delivers the same performance in any weather, every time.

With maximum release, the Dynasty Warp is one of the most powerful shooting sticks on the market. Combined with Super V-Scoop that creates maximum accuracy, the Dynasty Warp finds the back of the net at a staggering rate and is trusted by some of the best goal scorers in the history of the women's game.

True offset increases ball control, and the Dynasty Minimus composite handle reacts to the movement of the ball, flexing when shooting or passing to offer more control, better feel, and quicker release. Created with Minimus Technology, the Dynasty Minimus is one of the lightest women's shafts on the market, and utilizes the flex with the Warp head to create the perfect balance of weight and power.

One of Brine's most anticipated releases to date, the Brine Dynasty Warp Pro Women's Complete Stick offers optimal consistency, control, and power, and looks to be a force in the women's game for many years to come.

*Meets US Lacrosse Specifications